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To juice, or to blend?

Which one is better for you? Both juicing and blending can be nutritiously┬ábeneficial. Last year for my birthday, I was given a juicer. We now have a delivery of weekly organic fruit and vegetable boxes. Starting the day with freshly squeezed juice gives me more energy and stamina than any stimulant ever could. I don’t drink coffee or tea (unless its herbal), and having my juice in the morning starts the day off right.

So let’s compare.

Juicing extracts the nutrients and water from fruits and vegetables, while discarding the fiber. Ingesting the juice allows your digestive system to absorb the vitamins and minerals easier, without having to first break down the fiber. As long as the juice is ingested within 15-minutes of juicing, your body can actually utilize the nutrients faster than if you were to eat the fruit and vegetables whole. Freshly squeezed juices can restore the body at the cellular level because it is absorbed into the blood stream.

Blending includes the nutrients, as well as the fiber. When fruit and vegetables are blended, the fiber is broken down, making it easier to digest. Blending also allows a slow absorption of nutrients into the blood stream, so you may feel fuller longer than if you were to just drink juice. Smoothies typically don’t allow too many ingredients, whereas juicing requires more produce to make a few servings.

So what’s the verdict? It really depends on your preference. Smoothies make a great meal, and you feel full. Juices give you the nourishment as quickly as possible, but may make you feel hungry. Both techniques are fun to experiment with. Play with your produce and throw it all in and see what you get! I have had my fair share of brown-looking juices, but they taste great and are good for me. Good luck!


Small sample of what I put in a typical juice.

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  • I don’t have fancy juicer but I love making my breakfast smoothie each morning consisting of juice, kale, spinach and fruit. It starts my day off right and my body feels much healthier. Your array of ingredients looks delicious and would love to try it sometime.

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