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Fitness Friday

Like the alliteration, cheesy right? Well, I am going with it because it fits my topic.

Last year I started up an adult ballet class. I have no dance experience, aside from a semester in high school, of which I was so painfully shy I hardly participated. I have always loved ballet and respect the poise and grace in dance. So I looked up some studios here in Singapore and signed myself up! Six months in, four-hours a week, I can honestly say ballet is the most challenging form of exercise. I have never been so sore in muscular areas I never knew existed. Growing up I really wanted to be a gymnast or a ballerina, but never took the classes. Not being able to do the splits as a child has been a complex I carry with me to this day. If anyone could shed some tips on how I can improve my splits, I am all ears! Needless to say, taking this ballet class has not only allowed me to challenge myself physically, but being so self-critical, I am challenged emotionally as well. Ballet is a perfectionist art and I am completely committed to improving in each class.

Basically, the message I am trying to convey, is that it is never too late to try something new. We constantly have to challenge our bodies so that we don’t become complacent. This goes with mental challenges as well as the physical. So get out of your comfort zone, and off that elliptical, and try something new!

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday”

  • The only time it’s too late to try something new is when you’re on the other side of the sod and I, too, want to try a few new things I have dreamed about for years. Thank you for the inspiration to pursue them.

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