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Energy Fix

Finding energy when you need it can be quite challenging. I remember the days when I couldn’t consider myself awake until I had a large cup of coffee, or two. Even in high school I would pop energy pills in exchange for all-night study sessions. Admittedly, I have learned the error of my ways. Now, I confidently wake up without an alarm clock and without the need for any stimulants. I have energy throughout the day and I feel like my mental stamina has steadily improved since eliminating stimulants. Granted, I find myself struggling here and there to stay focused and energetic. On these occasions, all I need is a quick energy boost.

If you feel completely depleted every morning when you wake up, or need another cup of coffee at 3:00 pm just to make it through the day, maybe now is the time to look at your health. Understandably, time is of the essence and unfortunately we can’t rejuvenate on a week-long vacay to the beach whenever our energy levels are low and stress is high. Luckily, here are some quick tips to keep your exhaustion and stress from deflating your energy.

Instant energy fix:

  • Sip peppermint tea- inhaling the scent of peppermint decreases tiredness by up to 25% and stimulates nerves in the brain linked to alertness
  • Add some spices to your food or drink- garlic, ginger, black pepper, cayenne, and cloves, all revitalize by warming up your body, increasing metabolism, and improving circulation
  • Pamper yourself with a massage- ask your loved one for a foot or back massage to increase circulation and release tension while delivering oxygen throughout the body
  • Rest your eyes- try not to focus on the computer screen for longer than 20-minutes straight and whenever possible use a cool or warm compress over your eyes for 10-minutes
  • Splash your face with cold water- the sudden temperature change activates your brain leaving you alert
  • Get some exercise- mix up your workouts to stimulate different systems in the body. Try cardiovascular exercise like walking, and meditative forms like yoga to improve the lymphatic system and reduce stress.
  • Dry-brushing- increase circulation and replenish the detoxifying properties of the skin
  • Practice deep breathing- regenerate energy levels and fight drowsiness by inhaling deeply through the nose and then exhale in 20-30 short breaths
  • Take your meal outside- enjoy nature and feel more alive and intuitive while outside
  • Surround yourself with serene items- keep a potted plant at your desk and if possible a calming picture or photo
  • Listen to relaxing music- aim for music that is soothing, but won’t put you to sleep or give you a headache
  • Welcome the light- open those curtains and let in the natural light to reset your body clock to be awake in the morning and sleepy when its dark
  • Take a bath- add some essential oils to a hot bath before bed to ensure a good night’s rest
  • Pick some flowers- instantly increase happiness with some flowers

Instead of picking up a sugary fix, or cup of coffee give these suggestions a try and experience instant energy!

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