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Finding Inspiration

I am back! After going on a girls trip to Bangkok, I found myself in a rut. I couldn’t find the motivation to write, regardless of my journal full of ideas. I know most of my discouraging and negativity is all in my head, but I couldn’t help myself.

Considering I am in the best of circumstances with ample time, and no children or pets to cater to, I should easily be able to sustain my personal projects. So why couldn’t I just get the job done?

I am the type of perfectionist that is probably hard to live with because not only do I want to accomplish everything, but I want to accomplish everything perfectly. When I don’t have a post that is precise to my standards, the post won’t see the light of day. Unfortunately, that means so many projects don’t reach the final presentation.

Motivation can’t be obtained in the store, or taken in a pill form, but we can harness and successfully sustain our motivation through a few strategies:

1. Set detailed goals and visualize the end result.

2. Think of reasons why you want to accomplish the goal and write them down. Make sure you physically write the list by hand preferably with pen so you develop the mental memory connection and stick to the list. I just love making lists!

3. Set targets, and rewards. Break down each goal into realistic and achievable steps. Make each task manageable.

4. Eliminate distractions. If your goal is to finish a book, TV time probably isn’t the best way to accomplish that goal.

5. Maintain a positive attitude. Make the process fun to keep the momentum going.

6. Be prepared to change course, or approach. Don’t give up if you don’t succeed. Try a different route.

7. Get some help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when necessary. Share your objective and possibly gain some new insights. Your friends can also help keep you accountable.

8. Think ahead. Exhaustion and setbacks are bound to happen so plan for these moments and how to conquer the hiccups.

9. Give yourself a pep talk. Watch a motivational speech on YouTube, or, or even find a motivating speech to keep you going.

10. Check yourself. Continually chuck-out the criticism and give yourself praise for your progress.

Now I plan to utilize these steps for personal projects and hopefully I will maintain the motivation. Here is to list making and conquering goals!


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  • I agree, it really helps to write. Something happens mentally when you apply your thoughts with a pen to paper.

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