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Yummy Vegan Tacos

Bueno dias! This post is dedicated to my sister as she keeps me in line regarding my blogging. I have so many ideas I want to post but I want the perfect photo or the perfect write-up and then I become overwhelmed and as a […]

Inspired Spiralizer

This week’s favorite was something I had been looking for ever since I started eating raw. While I was home in Orange County for the holidays last year I managed to find a vegetable spiral slicer at Williams Sonoma. Unfortunately, they were sold out at […]

Becoming Vegan

To be vegan means to live a life eating foods that are absolutely animal free. Typically people become vegan due to health and wellness, concerns for the environment, ethical preference, or political reasons. I know some vegans love to announce their veganism and how many years […]

Pack in the Chlorophyll

Today’s favorite is the super power food known as wheat grass! Powdered wheat grass is different than what you may have tried in a small shot with a side of orange slice. Powdered wheat grass is more concentrated. I add a heaping teaspoon in my juice […]

To juice, or to blend?

Which one is better for you? Both juicing and blending can be nutritiously beneficial. Last year for my birthday, I was given a juicer. We now have a delivery of weekly organic fruit and vegetable boxes. Starting the day with freshly squeezed juice gives me more […]

My Favorites…

Wednesdays will be dedicated to my favorite products that I use and love. I couldn’t begin this segment of favorites without starting with my all-time favorite soap. I have used Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap for years now, and I am so happy Singapore carries this product. […]